HL Wilde

Connecting you to earth’s wisdom and her exquisite beauty.

Girl and Her Stones

HL Wilde

Once a wild child, now a wild woman. As a little girl growing up in the foothills of Appalachia I remember showing mamma the big rocks I would find in the creek and around our property. I’ve been called to nature and her stones since my earliest memories. I am a mystic, noetic writer, spiritual intuitive, crystal curator, visual storyteller and mother. I am always in a state of greater becoming.

I am passionate about finding beautiful and unique Stones, CrystalsGems and Sacred Tools sourced from around the globe. I spend countless hours in search of the highest quality artisan hand carved gem tools, crystal bowls and rare one of a kind carvings, crystal jewelry, altars, polished crystals, crystal specimens and spiritual tools.

Her Medicine is Clear

My darling, co-create with me your wildest dreams into reality.

The Feminine Opens in Solitude

Taking in the forest through my senses, dirt and bark from the forest floor all over my clothes... this is my sanctum sanctorum.

Wisdom for the Soul

Carved of spiritual fire and destined for purpose just like you dear heart.

Original Intuitive Mixed Media by HL Wilde

Love seeking herself.

Giclee original fine art prints and altar cards by HL Wilde coming soon! When I paint or do digital art, I allow the Spirit of the Universe to join me in each brush stroke and key stroke. I use my hands, brushes, sacred tools and modern technology. There are no rules and every emotion I am feeling is released.

HL Wilde

Stones, Crystals, Gems and Sacred Tools sourced from around the globe.