Otherworldly Citrine Gem Tool


Otherworldly Natural Citrine Gem Tools are hand faceted for the true light worker. Born of a vision in Brazil these magnificent stones faceted into diamond light. These gem tools are for collectors and healers.

Master manifestation tool and unparalleled beauty, she holds the power of the sun.

The combination of the innate beauty within these stones and precision cutting along the c axis holds and translates the vision and allows the shape to naturally take form while preserving their electromagnetic field.

Stone of joy & abundance on all levels. Sacral chakra. Uplifting and high vibrational tools to assist in our awakening and our journey here, now. 

You will receive this exact listing. Measures 3.5 inches long.  Photos taken in natural light with no filters and on my personal altar space. I may not be able to source more when these are gone. 

Each crystal companion is cleansed with ceremonial sage and anointed with my own personal ritual oil.


an inner wisdom, direct knowing, intuition, or implicit understanding of her holy presence. in touch with the spirit of the universe. her soul the guide. this is noetic magic.