Intuitive Crystal Bundle ~ Crystal Altar Bowl & Intuitively Chosen Sacred Offerings


I lovingly use my intuition to collect the perfect hand carved crystal bowl, high quality crystals, stones, gems, crystal jewelry and more that I am called to include in your Intuitive Crystal Bundle. This gogeous set was designed for a beautiful soul and includes a hand carved Rose Quartz altar bowl, Mermaid Apophyllite Flower, Green Himalayan Quartz point, Rhodochrosite, Amazonite Heart, Howlight tumble, Golden Rutile Quartz, Clear Quartz faceted sphere and Watermelon Tourmaline chips. I also added a beautiful Bloodstone palm and White & Green Jade bracelet.

Yours will not look exactly like this one since it is designed specifically for your wild and sacred heart. May you be in touch with the Spirit of the Universe. Your soul the guide. And so it is.

After checkout you have the option of providing (1) intention. DM me on social. If I don’t receive a DM from you, I will assume you are leaving it up to the universe. Either way you will receive the perfect crystal altar bowl and sacred offerings meant for you!

Specific intention: intuition, prayer, manifestation, self love and compassion, love and compassion towards others, wisdom, meditation, creativity, protection, strength, courage, confidence, ease anxiety, purification, prosperity, new beginnings, transformation, clarity, inner peace, joy, grounding, unhealed trauma or any other intention your wild and sacred heart desires. 

This listing is for (1) Intuitive Crystal Bundle ~ Crystal Altar Bowl & Intuitively Chosen Sacred Offerings. This listing also includes a small bag of Cedar, Sage & Moroccan Burning Blend. You can use on a charcoal disk and burn as Incense. Or you can put in the bottom of your altar bowl and place your crystals on top as a sacred offering. 

Every stone, gem and sacred tool I offer is cleansed with ceremonial sage and anointed with my own personal ritual oil.


an inner wisdom, direct knowing, intuition, or implicit understanding of her holy presence. in touch with the spirit of the universe. her soul the guide. this is noetic magic.