Mystic Crystal Box ~ Mystery Crystal Box


Each Mystic Crystal Box (Mystery Crystal Box) I create is meant to bless your wild mystical heart.  I will lovingly use my intuition to collect the perfect crystals, stones and other sacred offerings my intuition leads me to include in your mystery crystal box. 

Select the value of the box you wish to purchase and I will use my intuition to create your mystery crystal box based on the retail value you paid for. 

After you have purchased, please DM me on social  (1) of the below intentions for your box. If I don’t receive a DM, I will assume you are leaving it up to the universe.  Either way you will receive the perfect mystery crystal box for you!

-Type or colors of crystals you are most drawn to
-Specific Chakra you would like to work on  
-Specific intension you are working on: awakening, intuition, manifestation, prayer, self love and self compassion, love and compassion towards others, wisdom, meditation,  creativity, protection, strength, courage, ease anxiety, purification,  prosperity, new beginnings, transformation, clarity, inner peace, joy, grounding, unhealed trauma, etc.

This listing is for (1) Mystic Crystal Box with intuitively chosen crystals and stones. Your mystery box may include carvings, stars, moons, hearts, goddess figures, specimens, spheres, pyramids, crystal bracelets, crystal & sterling silver pendants, crystal & sterling silver rings,  palm stones, pocket stones and more mystery offerings.  

Each crystal companion is cleansed with ceremonial sage and anointed with my own personal ritual oil. 


an inner wisdom, direct knowing, intuition, or implicit understanding of her holy presence. in touch with the spirit of the universe. her soul the guide. this is noetic magic.