Intentional Personal Altar Set ~ Throat Chakra Crystal Altar Set


I lovingly use my intuition to include the perfect crystal slab, high quality crystals and a natural beeswax tea light candle for all of the Intentional Personal Altar sets I create. This set includes the following  inspiring crystals ~Apophyllite, Aquamarine and Chrysocolla on a Dendritic Agate slab. This set is gentle and calming yet powerful and will aid in speaking your divine truth and connecting to the angelic realm. Perfect stones for throat chakra work.

Affirmation: Gently, powerfully, may I walk this earth as a voice of love. May I speak my divine truth. 

Intentional Personal Altars are great for focusing and amplifying energy, setting intentions, manifesting, prayer, mindful journaling and quiet meditation.

This listing is for this exact Intentional Personal Altar set and as my gift includes a small bag of my personal burning blend of Cedar, Sage, Palo Santo, Rose Petals & Frankincense. You can use on a charcoal disk and burn as Incense or place in a crystal bowl as an offering.

Every stone, gem and sacred tool I offer is cleansed with ceremonial sage and anointed with my own personal ritual oil.


an inner wisdom, direct knowing, intuition, or implicit understanding of her holy presence. in touch with the spirit of the universe. her soul the guide. this is noetic magic.